Thursday, June 30, 2011

Papa Americano

One of my favorite looks on :) This blue, knee-lenght jumsuit with tribal prints is one of the best and take note "cheapest" items I ever bought! It visually looks great you gotta love the behind-the-scene photos! :)

The blazer up and close! :) Love its details :)

I should've worn it with high-heels instead of flats though. 

Okay guys if you like this look give some love and hype it on Lookbook! :)
More behind-the-scene photos to come!
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  1. Nice look ;) I follow you too :)

  2. Love your jumpsuit!!!Great combination of colors!

  3. I love the jumpsuit look - so cute
    you look great

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for following
    Will for sure always check out your blog - it's great

  4. You look great! I really like your blog!

    Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?


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