Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too Hot To Trod

Yess! I love my shoes coz it's too hot to trod! 

Part 1 : "The Long, Flowy Hair"
It's just too windy! :))

Part 2 : "Why so SAD???"
Believe me I have no idea! :) hahaha!

Part 3 : "Flaunt it Girl!"
 Blazer : Nepo
Top : Cotton On
Shoes : Janeo

Part 4 : "The finished product!"
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Thank you soo much friends! Have a nice day ahead! :)


  1. Love your blog and you are so cute! Definetely love your hair!

    I would really appreciate if you`ll visit mine :)

  2. Hi cutie! you have a lovely blog, I'll be your new follower too :)
    Hey you said that you didn't understand my first language, you were talking about my "spanish" right? lol... I thought something like: "Do I am a terrible english speaker? (yeah.. I know, sometimes I have problems with my grammar ;)

    Lovely dress, I really love the black and white mix. And your long hair is georgeous :)

    See you.

  3. You look amazing! I love the blazer :)

  4. this outfit is so chic! love it :)


  5. Hi Lovely, fellow Filipina blogger! Thanks for following. I followed you back. This is a great outfit and I'm in love with the shape of your legs! Great styling and the blazer added a touch of edginess.

    Keep it up! Your blog is doing great. =)

    Lots of love,

  6. gorgeous outfit and beautiful photos!! love your dress and shoes <3

  7. Oh wow I love your hair it is amazing!!! And your outfit is just fantastic :) Followed you blog! :)

  8. just got to say you're hair is amazing! about a year ago I chopped all my hair off (afro style) and now I'm letting it grow out again. you're hair is definitely an inspiration. ;D

    <3 Deanna

  9. i love the outfit. it made you look really sophisticated. though i'm quite distracted about your hair; nevertheless, great outfit :D just followed you.

    much love,

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  11. Hi doll! Thx for your visit! :)
    I´m following you back!

    You look so beautiful! Love the shoes! Great blog! :)

    Kisses bella!


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