Saturday, August 13, 2011

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

I can not think of words that would better describe the feeling of satisfaction and the urge of wanting more of White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt. I love yogurt, no doubt. From traveling I've tried different kinds of yogurt than you could have ever imagined. White Hat here offers a wide variety of toppings to be selected. I am now in the midst of trying it all, experimenting on what goes with what. But my favorite? Oh I love plain yogurt. You can have all the goodness with or without the toppings! 

Healthy Nut & Camper's

Camper's & Choco Loco. 

That is Choco Loco I just added more toppings that it overflowed and won't fit the cup anymore!  :)

Oh this one is my favorite :) Yes they serve waffles too!

White Hat in Dagupan City
Nothing's better than spending the night with friends at where else? At White Hat of course!

Aren't they adorable? They look like real commercial models!

You gotta love the ambiance in White Hat stores! <3

Some of my favorite toppings are cranberries, homemade granola, kiwi, crushed graham, and almonds. And oh, White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt is 98% FAT FREE! :)
It just keeps getting better and better each time I have a cup- full of it!
P.S. White Hat please bring back those little cute wooden spoons :)


  1. Ah I've never been there but it sure does look delicious! That dessert just made my mouth all watery!:D Lovely blog!

  2. it looks delicious, pity we don't have such shops here:(

  3. Lovely blog . !

  4. ohmygosh, totally jealous because we have nothing like this. LOVE IT. P.S. You just made me really sad about my boring turkey sandwich.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Delicious for sure! I would love to eat some of them right now :(

    See you cutie!

  6. Yumm I love yogurt as well! you should try frutti froyo! haha

  7. oh wow, I am so hungry now! These look delicious! Thanks for the info. I am following you too!

  8. I have always wanted to try Real italian ice cream and frozen yogurt! Your so lucky! aww man :]]

    We should Follow each other ^o^

  9. Italian icecream is really delicious! I'll def try this. :) Cranberries plus almonds sounds yummmy! :)

  10. all that food looks delicious :D great pics


  11. wow, this looks amazingly delicious, i have to admit! :)

    Costin M.

  12. thatt loooks delicious! FROYOs are my favorite food in the world!


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