Sunday, January 10, 2016

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Faces Portraits

After watching the movie adaptation of Cecilia Ahern's Love, Rosie and Nicholas Sparks' The Best of Me in one sitting, its effect on me is somewhat hilarious and annoying at the same time. Hilarious because I had been stalking Faces Portraits Facebook Page to look at engagement and wedding photos from their albums and unconsciously planning my own prenup theme in the process! Annoying because, what the hell am I thinking? I don't even have a boyfriend, so an engagement shoot is far too impossible to happen to me at the moment. Haha! 

But really guys, just look at these photos.. doesn't it make you feel giddy excited for when your perfect time (and guy) comes?
Josh x Meri Ann
Jan x Grace
Gerard x Sheng
Joey x Tisha
Jef x Yan
Jef x Yan
..And my favorite from this set of photos? Josh and Meri Ann's. Why, of course, they're my friends and I'm biased just like that! Chos. Haha. Maganda lahat! Basta, I like my prenup photos to come out effortlessly cool. I'm kinda thinking of a chic minimalist theme with sexy, chill vibe. Haha, here I go again! 

TIP: It is important that you communicate and have an understanding with the people who will be working with you behind the scenes, so they could deliver well and meet your expectations. Also, invest and do hire a professional!

Faces Portraits' main headquarters is located in Dagupan City. Jesson Veedor, proprietor and chief professional photographer of Faces Portraits, works closely with his wife Apple Llamas-Veedor, a professional makeup artist and owner of All Eyes On You boutique. Together they bring out the best in themselves to help make the wedding of your dreams a reality. 

MUA: Apple Llamas
Photography: Faces Portraits
Wardrobe styling: Apple Llamas | All Eyes On You


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