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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Foolproof Party Survival Tips for Beginners

Since I've not been going out a lot these days, I spend my precious hours at home writing and reading whatever article that interests me. If I'm lucky and my WIFI connection's not that crappy, I like watching video blogs on Youtube. I've discovered Wil Dasovich's channel last year, he is famously known as the Fil-Am Youtuber who speaks beki language like a pro. Today I watched this two-part video blog of him attending a house party event for Sunnies specs in Manila, in which he is seen "sosyalan crashing" with the bloggers, the rich and famous.

I really had fun watching the videos as I see myself in him (maybe the beki side, but he is straight daw ha - fyi), and also kinda reminds me of the awkward moments I've had in the past at parties like that. This ain't a review or something, I just feel like sharing with you guys MY stories and some foolproof party survival tips that you can use in the future, char! So!

Survival tip #1! Before going to parties make sure you have eaten something, you'll never know when there's food or nah. This will save you from looking like a patay gutom, like Wil Dasovich in the videos (his words, not mine) haha! Yah know, I'm sure we've all heard some of our friends and relatives say, "Aaah I won't eat lunch or merienda, I will save it for tonight. There's food there right?" Hashtag gutom.

Now, while that seemed practical, puh-lease don't deprive your body of its right to be nourished. Unless you are really full or super ecstatic that you've lost appetite, E-A-T. You'll be stomach growl-proof & bad-breath-proof. And if you really don't have time to, you can always bring with you chewing gum packs or menthol candies, OR a snack - like?? Leche flan!! See example: Madame Senator Nancy Binay during President Duterte's first SONA. Hahaha! Joke <3 Heart, heart Sen. Nancy! 

My Story: I attended a cricket game after-party last year hosted by a certain sports association composed mainly of Indian members, because we all know Cricket is like the national sport of India. At these parties, you'll be amazed at how they never fail to serve curry, because it's like their national dish or something, and because Indian spices are super healthy. So I knew at some point they're gonna offer me food (and I can't decline), but I also have to go around and network.  Since I have low-tolerance on spicy foods and I tend to be so conscious about the aftertaste (and smell) of curry, I made sure I wasn't starving to death when I got there and that I had a box of Tictacs in my pocket. Unless you can afford the trouble of bringing your own toothpaste and tooth brush, it's tolly up to you. So because I was prepared, my confidence was restored and the night ended well for me and the rest. 

With my friend Robbie who taught me how to do the shuffle
Survival tip #2! Before you go to the club, let yourself enjoy a beer or two at home or some place other. YESSSS. If you want to stretch your budget for the month while also allowing yourself the privilege to have a night life, then this is the most practical thing to do -err next to not going out at all, netflix & chill (duh?).

My story: I'm used to going out alone back when I was still working and living in Singapore, and my go-to place is at 1Altimate/1Altitude Bar. I am lucky to have made friends with the Filipino staff there and also a number of Singaporeans (special shout out to their operations manager Aziz!) A cocktail will cost you S$12-15, beer S$12, a shot of tequila S$20-25 depending on the brand. Going there solo I can afford, but with a group? Like when I was with my cousins and it's all on me? Whew! But I still wanted us to enjoy the night without me ever restricting on anything, so I bought a six-pack Tiger beer, some chips and stayed at Clark Quay bridge. It's one of those places where you're allowed to just drink and chill. Eventually we went to our destination, danced and partied, and I still managed to save a few bucks for a cab after. Hashtag sulit!

At CSI Fresh Raw with my Ate Mica of & photos by Kristian Enriquez
Survival Tip #3! Talk to the event organizers, DJs, service crew and security staff. Get to know them too!

My story: So how did I get to know Kuya Ryan and the staff of 1Altitude Bar? I went there alone on my 22nd birthday and they asked me why, we had a few chit chats then. After a while, they asked the band to sing me the happy birthday song. To my surprise, one of the staff came in holding a slice of cake *take note* with a candle and a cute message. I'm telling ya, they're the sweetest! Since then, I got to know them better, which province they came from, how long have they been there, etc. I bring them small tokens of appreciation like chocolates whenever, I also bring my clients, family and friends there. They are very professional and warm to everyone, you'll see how dedicated they truly are. 

In 71Gramercy, the same goes. I met Neil Bengzon who took this cool photo of me in the iconic red curtain style. I also met Dj Philly there who pumped up the night with awesome music. 

Just talk to the bouncers, smile back, thank them, greet them.
Photo by Neil Bengzon of 71Gramercy

Survival Tip #4!
Give yourself a favor, try to enjoy the party. If not, go home and try not to ruin it for everyone. Adult tantrums are disastrous! 

My story: Me and my friends went to the first Up North Music Festival in Dagupan City and we had a few drinks there. When Dj Ron Poe started playing I was my vivacious self and people around thought I was super drunk, they try to stop me from dancing. My gaaaaaaad! When it's Dj Tom Taus' turn, I decided to go. I was just dancing like everyone else, but I understand.. because normally I wouldn't allow people here to see me lose my self. Maybe I looked idiotic, haha! But to hell with that, I felt happy and alive. Sad I had to leave early.

So there you have it! Four foolproof party survival tips for beginners from your Tita Lovely Grey!! Don't forget to leave a comment and share. Pusuan mo!!