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Sunday, April 19, 2015

LUPAM! | An Exhibit of Self Portraits

I am back in Pangasinan and just in time for Dagupan City's Bangus Festival too. I have a lot of activities to do here on my list this summer, and one of them is to visit this local art gallery I've heard so many good things about. Even though quite new in the area, Liongoren Gallery's previous exhibits together with Biskeg Pangasinan Art Collective had been all a success. This shows beyond doubt the amazing talents of our local artists, I happen to know a number of them too (Hello Kat, Rhen & Ma'am Grace!). So today, at last, I was able to attend the opening reception of LUPAM! An Exhibit of Self Portraits and I must say I am very, very impressed. Aside from the brilliant art works on display, there was poetry slam and a live band to complete this awesome experience. Kudos to everyone who put the event together. And oh, I heard that the next exhibit will be as exciting as this one so watch out. Follow Artcetera and my page LVLY GREY on Facebook for updates.

 LUPAM! Exhibit is open to public from April 18 - May 15, 2015. Visit them and show some love by including #BISKEG #LUPAM #PangasinanArtScene on your social media posts.

"Alter Persona" by Kat Abenoja

"Minggol" by Pemee Legazpi


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yeng At LNU: Best Night Ever!

Yeng Constantino had a concert in Dagupan City and it was AWESOME
Last Thursday, March 20, 2014, the Philippines' very own Pop-rock Princess Josephine "Yeng" Constantino rocked the school grounds of the Lyceum-Northwestern University in celebration of their 45th Foundation and Student's Night. It was a year-end treat by the school administration to all Lyceans for their hard work after their long final exams.

For those who have missed the event, here are the 10 best #YengAtLNU moments:

10. Yeng covered Katy Perry's song Roar.
As the concert was about to start, I wandered off at the back to look for my colleagues and friends from the media. I was unable to spot any of them, so I figured they already have found their places around the LNU football field, where Yeng's concert had taken place, to cover the event. I decided to join the crowd and post tweets on my way. Suddenly, I was taken aback by Yeng's electrifying voice and the crowd's roar! With my 2-inch heels on, I jumped out of my excitement and found myself ten feet away from the stage, cheering with everyone else. It was the perfect opening number! The positive energy that clouded us was overwhelming! 

9. When the crowd sang 'Hinahanap-hanap Kita' with Yeng.
No 90's kid nor OPM fan wouldn't know this single from Rivermaya's 1997 album Atomic Bomb. It received heavy airplay from radio stations ever since, so no wonder that even our pop-rock princess chose to sing it during her concert here in Pangasinan. The Lyceans gladly sang along, keeping the good vibes!

8. When Yeng said: "I'll make this your BEST NIGHT EVER!"
You can just imagine how the crowd responded with that! One thing that I loved the most about Yeng is her sincerity, and THAT shone like rays of sun during her performance. Hashtag #BestNightEver was even mentioned a hundred times by students in their Instagram posts and Tweets, together with hashtag #YengAtLNU. I even heard a student say, "Best night ever talaga! Last year na natin ito sa school, buti na lang si Yeng ang nag-concert!"

7. Yeng connects with her audience.
"If you're in a relationship, raise your hands!" Yeng told the crowd and there was a loud cheer. "If you're single, raise your hands!" she continued, followed by singing Just Give Me A Reason by Pink. Again, the audience, including me, sang along. This part will always be my favorite because it is when Yeng tried to establish a connection with her audience by asking questions and telling stories. The more we feel connected, the more we remember and the more we appreciate her. It only shows how good an artist and a person she really is.

6. When Yeng gave a love advice everyone will never forget.
Before singing her song entitled Pag-ibig, Yeng gave a love advice everyone will never forget. Even the night after, I've seen Facebook statuses and Tweets quoting what she said during her concert in Dagupan. "Kapag ang lalaki hindi nage-effort, hindi love yan." The crowd goes "awww," then Yeng continued "Kapag ang babae hindi ka nirerespeto, hindi love yan." I'm sure everyone has learned a lesson or two about love. Thank you Yeng!
5. Yeng's got the moves!
It was a few years ago when Yeng first covered an original Eraserheads song entitled 'Magasin.' It was already a pretty popular song from the 90's, but Yeng's rendition of it caught both the media and the fans' attention. Aside from it being a girl version, Yeng and her band did a little tweaking on its musical composition by giving it an acoustic and reggae touch. Before singing its chorus, Yeng asked "Gusto nyo bang makita ang dance moves ko?" The crowd cheered. Even I was surprised she could dance, but she can and so she did! 

4. "You are all special.." -Yeng
Yeng Constantino continued to win our hearts when she sang an original Radiohead song entitled Creep. "When I was in high school, I've tried hard to fit in. But I can't, so I've stopped. I've realized we are all special." Then she added, "You are all special! You are unique! You are awesome! You are meant to be here tonight!!" I looked around me and I can't help but smile, feeling encouraged. I refrained from live tweeting and listened to her. There's so much feels in this song that I thought-- it deserved an epic "lighter moment!"

3. The special audio-visual presentation the Lyceans prepared for Yeng.
In the audio-visual presentation were students of Lyceum-Northwestern University singing Yeng's latest hit song 'Chinito.' It was evident in their faces that they had fun shooting it. They later on congratulated Yeng on her engagement to boyfriend Yan Asuncion and wished them good luck. Atty. Duque, the University President, went up the stage to personally thank Yeng Constantino and the people involved for the successful event. "Mula sa hardin ng aking puso,maraming salamat!" Atty. Duque continued to say. Yeng in response to that said "Aww, this is the sweetest campus ever!! Mula sa gubat ng aking puso, maraming salamat din po sa inyong lahat!"

2. Yeng greets LNU through Instagram video.
It was indeed a fun-filled night and we also received a special souvenir from Yeng! Yeng Constantino recorded a 15-second instavideo and posted it on her Instagram account In the video Yeng said, "Hey everyone! Andito ako sa Lyceum, sa Dagupan, Pangasinan. At eto sila!!" She then turned her smartphone camera to the cheering crowd. The video had been regrammed and reposted in Facebook a hundred times. What can we say? WE LOVE YOU YENG!

1. The 'Chinito' song number.
But of course the main highlight of the night was when Yeng sang her latest hit single 'Chinito!' Aside from the fact that it was the crowd favorite, two lucky 'chinitos' were invited to come up the stage. Not only that they had a chance to dance with Yeng, they also got a hug and a peck on the cheek from her! Another reason to love Yeng! She is down to earth, very professional, and have I mentioned how cool she is?! AWESOME!!

If you want to see more photos and videos from Yeng's concert, do drop by these Facebook pages: Lyceum-Northwestern University and What's Up Dagupan.
I would like to thank Lyceum-Northwestern University and the people behind its success, especially to Ms. Pebbles Duque, for inviting me and for making The Style Fondue your official blog partner in this event. I would also like to thank Ms. Micaela Rodriguez of, Mr. Simon Vistro of What's Up Dagupan, Mikkles Fernandez of Pixelhub Creative and Mr. Jefferson Samson! Also, to Ms. Yeng Constantino for being nice and friendly during the press interview! I even managed to sneaked in a selfie with her! Hurrah!

Feel free to leave a comment or write your best #YengAtLNU moment.