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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wearelse Boutique Fashion Show

Hello to all my lovely readers! :) 
I am so excited to share with you guys set of photos from my first ramp modeling gig. The fashion show was hosted by the Wearelse Boutique, owned and managed by Ms. Mima Fernandez, celebrating it's 25th year! I was with other fashionable and more experienced male and female models in Dagupan and it's been my honor to be with them. I worked with not only the friendliest and gorgeous models but also the best talents in town; our choreographer and stylist Mr. Cj Cuison, the Juxtapose family -Mr. Noah Asianas, Mr. Joezer Carandang, Ms. Luffel Cornista, hair and make-up by Mrs. Apple Llamas(check out their website All eyes on you") and Faces Portraits headed by Mr. Jesson Veedor. 

Me & Ate Apple :)

That's me(left), Cleeyo (middle), and Charlotte(right)

Me(left) and Charlotte

Lovely in action!
Me and Mr. Noah Asianas

Lovely models
Ms. Mima Fernandez
Our very handsome choreographer and stylist Mr. Cj Cuison :)
Denielle(left) and Me : ) She's one of my dearest friends and the hottest model in town!
I'm the one with the striped blazer!

I want to thank the Wearelse management for giving me this chance. I will forever treasure this experience! Thank you for making one of my dreams come true. You're all such a blessing to me!

Same thing goes to all my readers, friends and followers!
Love lots*