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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Intern

Hello lovelies! 
Today I'm going to share with you guys photos from my ongoing internship in a shipping company. I hope to be working in this company in the future too. Oh by the way, there will be a job fair at Glorietta Mall on November 17-18, 2011. TSM will be participating the said event to accept curriculum vitae and conduct interviews. I will be there on the first day too. :)
Okay so since I'm taking up Information Technology, I am tied dealing with computer hardware and software. Like these babies I get to set up everyday.

And here I am in my cubicle workstation..

Unlike the employees, of course I am free to do what I want whenever I finished the tasks given to me. And what I do during spare time is so obvious. Haha! As to how I dress in the office I'll show you some details with the photos below.
I love the details of this skirt. It gives the illusion of scales (as if I'm a mermaid. Haha.) I paired this with an abstract black and white top. (showed in the photo above)

On my first day I wore this pair of black pants with a striped long-sleeved gray and black polo. (showed in the fourth photo above)
My office shoes? I bought it at Mendrez's. My Mom chose the design for me. It looks good and comfortable to wear. I just get uneasy with it's clacking sounds when I'm walking -attract everyone's attention. Haha. 
 I'll add some whole body photos wearing these office outfits soon to give you a clear view. Thank you for everyone's support. I love you guys and I appreciate every comment!