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Friday, August 22, 2014

One Day by David Nicholls

I will never ever regret the moment I grabbed this book hurriedly to the cashier to purchase it and then rush back to the airport lounge in Bali to get my things.. imagine the pressure upon hearing somebody announcing our plane's nearing departure, the adrenaline rush, and the anticipation of reading a book you just randomly picked. Thrilling! And to find out in the end how brilliant the story was felt so rewarding, as if I was saved from the agony of my impulsive buying! This novel is totally "rad" and "sweet" I think I'm gonna have a hard time moving on.

  Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess were a natural in the movie. I just love them! I thank everyone behind this novel, this movie for making such brilliant, brilliant work. Kudos to the whole team!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paul Maison de Qualite

What's a better way to spend the afternoon than having a cup of Joe? And in my pursue of finding the best coffee in the city, I found myself at PAUL. Paul Maison de Qualite is a French chain of Bakery/Café restaurants established in 1889, in Northern France, by Charlemagne Mayot. It specializes in serving French products including breads, crepes, sandwiches, macarons, coups, cakes, pastries, coffee, wine, and beer. Paul belongs to Groupe Holder, which also owns the French luxury bakery Laduree ~ ooh high tea! So today I chose the Café Surprise off the menu, it includes two French macarons, a cake, crème brulee, and your choice of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. I ordered café mocha, with whipped cream! So what? I loved it. The crème brulee was everything I have ever hoped for to taste like. Yes, I highly recommend you to try Paul's delicious crème brulee. The two French macarons I had were caramel and coconut flavoured. Another thing that I loved the most while at Paul, aside from the obvious quality pastries and coffee drinks, is their interior design. Look at the photo below. Fancy isn't it? It is quite nice to have a place like this at the heart of the city. It's an escape to the buzzling sounds of vehicles and crazy construction sites every where you look at. I've also visited Paul in Ngee Ann city and the look's quite the same. Consistency is the key, not only in the quality of their products but of the over all package of course.

I will come back for their crème brulee.
Modern elegance.
The artworks graced their walls.

I know you are all going to love my next blog entry - 'Where to eat in Singapore' Yes? You'll read about ten of the best restaurants/cafes in the country, according to me, based on their location, the quality of food, ambiance, and the overall package. I would like all of you to know that none of my posts are sponsored, so far. But for interested parties, do drop me an email at