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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer 2017

What's up guys? It is my favorite time of the year again! And to make this summer blog post different from the others, I am going to answer random questions asked by my friends and followers on Instagram and Twitter. While some of you might say summer is over, welp, I live in Asia where it is sunny almost all year round. So "weather" you like it or not, here we go!

Your favorite summer travel destination/s?
Bali, Indonesia! Because I had the best summer there back in 2013. Read my travel diary here. In my country, I would say the best ones I've been to is in Bolinao, Pangasinan and San Juan, La Union. I have never seen such clear waters like the one we have in Bolinao beach, and that really makes me proud to be from the province of Pangasinan. For my San Juan, La Union surfing experience read here.

The mountains or the beaches?
Beaches! Because I can't imagine myself, ever, hiking. I know there are a lot of health benefits in hiking and trekking, but also in sun-bathing and swimming. Isn't it? So yeah, I choose the beach. 

Instagram @lvlygrey 
One-piece swimsuit or Bikini?
One-piece swimsuit, unless I stay and swim in a private pool villa like the ones we see in all those Maldives advertisements - then I would wear a bikini. But I am just not confident enough in a bikini and unfit for it, so one-piece swimsuit would do. There are actually a lot of designs you can choose from, my favorites are from Boom Sasoon swimsuit collection. Not so boring at all!

Give 3 summer must-haves.
Banana Boat Sport sunscreen lotion, the spray is less effective. Sunnies shades. Proper swimwear. Additional: A book to read, I suggest China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan. Fresh coconut juice or any drinks for you to re-hydrate. A selfie stick or a partner, for solo travelers. Haha!

Feature: Swiss Club Hotel
What is your summer anthem?
It's a bit outdated but I still like this song. "If I lose Myself - (Alesso remix) One Republic" in reference to my Summer 2015 experience, read more here. It is still my favorite summer jam. Okay, now I feel a bit nostalgic.

What is the best summer color/s?

Blog or vlog? 
Well if I were at the beach, it'd be a lot easier to just record clips for a vlog than bring my laptop there and write. But I like both and I've been posting vlogs on my Youtube channel once in a while. But, who knows, I might be a full time vlogger in the future!

Photo by me using a handy monopod | Instagram @lvlygrey
Watch out for my new blog post next week! 
And if you have more time, you can read last summer's entry here.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Surfing Tips for Beginners.. with Feelings

My trip to San Juan, La Union will not be complete without actually learning how to surf.. and if there's anywhere else I'd still choose here. Why? Because #LoveLocal duh?! So let me begin with a statement that I'm sure some people would definitely agree to: 

Ang surfing ay parang pag-ibig. 

Here are surfing tips for beginners like me, but with feelings para damang-dama mo! 

Take time to learn beginner's lessons. Don't rush things that needed to grow. Char! Hindi lahat ng bagay minamadali. Hahaha! Joke's on me bruh. Hi Mom! Haha. On a serious note, learn to practice on the ground first. Your instructor will demonstrate how to paddle and get up and etc. Listen carefully to what your instructor is saying, especially the Do's and Don'ts. Huwag assume ng assume. Try to remember everything that he says, learn only from the experts.

Don't be afraid of looking super awkward.

Summon all your courage. Hmm. So you're in the water, what now? Don't just back out, you paid for this shit. If you're not a good swimmer, ask your instructor to not go farther down. Never surf anywhere you aren't comfortable swimming on your own. Be honest and you will earn people's trust. Kung alam mong summer fling lang kayo, huwag kang paasa pa more. Kala mo ang lalim, mababaw lang pala. How deep is your love Koya? Charot!

Tightening my shorts here, since I'm not wearing a wet suit, therefore, risking myself to be seen naked. 

Put your body and mind into it. Relax. Focus. By now, your instructor is checking your leash and giving you additional advice, warnings, and words of encouragement. This is your time to go over what you're about do next. Dahil lahat ng bagay ay pinag-iisipan. Hindi pwedeng sugod ng sugod. Tularan si Ate. Haha!

All smiles when Kuya Piolo shouted words of encouragement with feelings.
"Ang love parang surfing yan, sa umpisa talaga sesemplang ka!" 
-Lemon Surfstar, Flotsam Movie

Enough said! Be prepared to wipe out. Hmm. I found it very difficult to stand because I'm heavy and, unconsciously, kept holding on to the board. I always end up riding the wave on my knees. Minsan kasi kailangan talaga mag-let go. Kailangan maging matibay para matuto tayong bumangon na mag-isa. Stop holding on to something/someone who keeps you from growing. Girl, hindi ka forever young!

Oooh I think I found myself two cheerleaders. HAHA!

Be patient. Waiting for the right wave to come is not easy. Given the time I went to surf (at around 2PM), I felt like a grilled bangus. I was thirsty and exhausted. But I didn't stop until I get what I came here for. Madami man ang dumaan na sa buhay mo, mayron at mayron paring tamang tao para sa iyo. Chillax ka lang, darating ang tamang alon.

Love ain't always picture perfect

Don't give up. Once I got it, a wave of relief came across Kuya Piolo's face.. and I was the happiest living creature in San Juan waters. Haha! Don't give up on love. Kahit na ilang beses ka ng sumemplang, nasaktan, at kahit pagod na pagod kana. Don't give up on love, just because someone has taken you for granted, just because someone decided he doesn't want to love you anymore. Walang forever.. hindi ka forever #TeamSawi.

Ngiting tagumpay

At the end of the day, we will always learn a thing or two from our experiences in life. Whether be it in surfing or other sports, in love and life. Minsan magiging bitter ka, pero dapat minsan lang yun. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Movie Review: Flotsam The Movie

I had the privilege to be one of the first to watch Flotsam the movie in full at the La Union Premiere at CSI Mall La Union last October 24, 2015. To top that, I met the cast and crew and partied all night at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel where most of the movie was filmed. 

CSI Mall La Union Movie Premiere
Flotsam the movie is a rom-com filled with relatable hugot lines. The characters face real-life dilemmas on love and surfing. The film stars Solenn Heusaff, Rocco Nacino, Mara Lopez-Yokohama, Franco Daza, Carla Humphries, Marc Abaya, Zack Varkaris, Jun King Austria, Barbara Miguel, Adrian Cabido, Gerard Garcia, Anja Peter, and introducing Julia Quisimbing with local actors Jeff Ortega and Lemon. Despite their celebrity status, they were the friendliest and the most down to earth!
Their characters represent a member of your own group of friends. For example: Allen - the nice guy / gentleman; Lemon - the comic relief; Jamie - the risk taker; and Mia - the life coach / the loyalist. You’ll laugh, raise an eyebrow, blush, and cry on the unexpected pairings that defined the 8 different love stories in the movie.

Kiddo Cosio
#TeamWhatsUpDagupan (from left: Luis Miguel, Jec Mabasa, Mike Miguel, Lovely Grey, Mike Fernandez, Simon Vistro, Edxxer Valenzuela)
At Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel
I can somehow relate to Kai (Solenn), she goes to San Juan, La Union for a work project with Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. But it's obvious to her best friend, Mia, that something’s bothering her. Kai eventually decided to stay until she figures things out by herself. She escaped the stressful wedding preparations and left her fiancĂ© in Manila a few months before their big day. She then meets Tisoy (Rocco), the local bartender.. the rest you have to watch until the end! Tisoy & Kai’s love story is my personal favourite. It’s just so heartbreakingly good!!! Here’s one of my favorite lines: (Kai to Tisoy) 
“You make me feel alive. He makes me feel safe.” 
Cue in Flotsam OST ‘Seagulls’! Haha.

Our team with Rocco Nacino
With our crush Mara Lopez-Yokohama
Mara Lopez-Yokohama is so cool, she’s a pro-surfer you guys! She’s my #WomanCrushWednesday or better yet woman crush everyday! Haha! 

Oh, watch out for the mystery girl. She’s worth the wait! We didn’t know Kate Moss has a twin and it’s Julia Quisumbing! She’s so lovely, no air of arrogance, only her sweet smile and beautiful personality. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you in the biz!

I applaud Zack Varkaris for effortlessly playing the totally smitten foreign actor in Flotsam. His acting debut and you won’t even realize it. He’s written a novel while in England and on again with another one soon. You promised to send me a copy Zack, don’t forget!

Jeff Ortega plays the womanizer/chicboy in the movie like it’s all natural! But on a serious note, we won’t forget your 5-minute drink – FlotJet. Like WOAHHH! Angelo & Marie were right about complimentary drinks.

Franco Daza yow the man! Haha Joncy must be really proud.

Anja Peter, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Power slap!

Lemon, Lemon, Lemon is a breath of fresh air! He’s meant to be on the big screen. In person? He is the coolest, awesomest, everness! I was told he is the current president of a certain surf club in La Union. He is a well-known pro-surfer in La Union even before Flotsam the movie, guys.

It's been my honor to meet the real-life Allen as well! The legendary Philippine Surf Lifestyle photographer, Sneaky Sniper Allen Aligam! Thanks for your suggestions on where to eat at 2AM!

Direk Jay Abello thank you for following me on Instagram! Haha! Thank you for this film, we see your passion, we believe in your vision therefore you have our support!

The movie also features original music by Surfernando Marcus Adoro, Mia Sebastian, Kiddo Cosio, Joncy Sumulong, and Bo Bismark. Nice meeting you all!

With #FlotsamTheMovie heartthrobs
I can't sleep for days aaahhh fan-girling!!
Lastly, Rocco Nacino my love. Hahaha! I'm super happy seeing you for the third time and the fact that it’s in this beautiful surf town in La Union makes it even better. Yes Tisoy, I will STAY. Haha! 
Everyone, watch the movie! Rocco will break your heart with 'that' smile, that look in his eyes.. the longing, the acceptance..  My gosh, I cried a river! Hope to see you again soon Rocco!

Overall, it's a feel-good movie.. It will make you want to go to San Juan, La Union asap -learn to surf, meet people, find peace and quiet, heal your heart. It's a magical place! The next morning, I went surfing for the first time and I will tell you all about it on my next post.

To all of you who are reading this, what are you waiting for? Support indie films and experience La Union on the big screen. It is important that you watch it on these dates: November 4, 5, 6, 2015! Because cinemas usually pull out indie films on weekends to give way to bigger international movies. To those who are in Pangasinan and La Union, the movie is now showing at CSI The City Mall Dagupan and CSI Mall La Union. Follow these pages for movie updates, schedules, and more exciting news: Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, CSI The City Mall Dagupan, CSI Mall La Union, What's Up Dagupan, LVLY GREYSpecial thanks to Mr. Jeto Seen and to #TeamWhatsUpDagupan for the non-stop laughter and pigging out. Let’s do this again!