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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baguio City Day 2: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham

On our second day in Baguio, we were more than awake and ready to meet friends and discover new places. Good thing we're near all the good spots in the City. We stayed in Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham. I fell in love the moment I stepped out of the cab and saw how aesthetically pleasing it was! We were welcomed by equally pleasing staff and was directed to our room without hassle. Boy was I so thrilled to see the comfy beds and the thick layer of comforters! I wanted to curl up in bed and master the art of "staycation." It was so cold in Baguio that time!

Miss Grey & Senyorita
Guests' testimonials display
We loved looking at the framed drawings and handwritten testimonials of the previous hotel guests. You know you're staying in a good hotel when you see how they highly value customer experience and feedback. We were supposed to leave our handwritten notes and my drawing as well, but I forgot! Ulyanin!

Unli coffee - coffee station for the caffeine-deprived haha
I find this coffee station super cute! I'm not usually a big fan of wooden kitchen utensil but, hey, look! So much Baguio feels. You can make your own coffee any time and stay in the lobby where there's excellent WiFi connection. Microtel Baguio is currently upgrading some rooms for more pleasurable stay, literally taking in the saying "there's always room for improvement." Haha! *Taps my back for this corny joke*

Comfy beds
During the day, we went to SM Baguio, duh?! For ultimate Baguio experience hahaha! Nah, but on a serious note, the popular mall is a walking distance from Microtel. It's so convenient for tourists like me and for seniors. In fact, Victory Liner Bus Terminal is also just a stone's throw away from Microtel. I say, they already win with their location! I also highly recommend Microtel Baguio for family trips especially when you have small children with you. I'm sure they'll enjoy the buffet breakfast with cereal selection, which I also had because I'm still a kid by heart, chos! Haha! But no seriously, Ate Mica and I were so looking forward to the breakfast buffet served at the connecting restaurant - Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Now you know we're all in for food haha! I specially loved the salad bar (feeling vegetarian) and the egg station with a chef preparing fresh eggs to your liking.

Nilalamig si Tita! Hahaha
And did I mention how pretty Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Baguio looked not only from the inside? I'm so digging it, perfect for photo ops, which we had anyway. Haha! Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram for more photos and videos. You can also watch my short virtual tour below: 

Thank you for the sulit stay, #MicrotelPH #MicrotelBaguio !

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Summer 2015

Starting this summer with a family staycation at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. I've been wanting to go here for the longest time and here it is finally. What to expect? Massive number of tourists wanting to capture that perfect selfie in this famous infinity pool. I find myself guilty of charge too. I've put my phone and my camera at risk and, oh yes, it is so worth it ladies and gentlemen. Haha! It can get annoying sometimes, but okay we don't get to go here everyday.

It gets even better at night though, aside from the obvious stunning cityscape that make it seem like you're looking at a big screen (at least according to my friend, hey geezer!)- you'll love the fact that it's more peaceful and that you can finally just relax. Get a drink, watch the lights & fountain show, enjoy the view and get on with your dream staycation. Aaaahhh, it's so beautiful up there, I would definitely come back.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Brunei Travel Diary

It is my second day here in Brunei and I am already impressed by how hospitable the people are. I am currently on a three-day staycation at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, after that, I will be spending the next days exploring some highly recommended tourist spots around the country. But did you know that The Empire Hotel in Brunei was originally built to house royal guests? Oh yeah. It was built by Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the brother of the current Sultan of Brunei. Prince Jefri owned a network of companies and investment vehicles, he bought the luxury goods company Asprey, built an amusement park, and other projects in Brunei. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and his brother have had some open financial disagreements in the past and finally came to the decision of converting the royal guest palace to a hotel. 

The Empire hotel is a grand, spacious, state-of-the-art, luxury five-star hotel. It is the best hotel in the country and the only one situated by the South China Sea. There are beaches and a whole wealth of swimming pools. There are seven restaurants, a golf course, a cinema and a bowling alley. The whole complex cost around $US1.1 billion to build! These photos won't even justify how beautiful and vast this area is. I've never seen a grander lobby, it's really impressive. Almost everything inside is lined with gold, the artworks are magnificent, and they boast intricately design interiors. The first thing I thought of when I looked around is where the people are. I thought maybe not so many people are staying here, I was wrong. What was I thinking? On a 180-hectare hotel, how can I expect everyone to stay in just one place, and with all the facilities here? But then, there's dinner and breakfast time. Ah! Pretty crowded eh? We had to line up and wait for an available table. They serve up fresh seafood, western and local dishes, but sadly, they were just OK. Nothing had impressed my taste buds, so far. I still highly recommend you stay here when in Brunei though, don't miss this out!

Brunei sunset
Largest pool
Infinity pool
A glimpse of the hotel lobby
This was my look straight from the airport!
Blazer | Forever 21 | Jeans | Forever 21 | Flats | Rubi Shoes
More photos from inside The Empire Hotel on my next post.
Now back to making the most out of this vacation. Until then!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Empire Hotel Brunei

As promised, here are some photos from inside The Empire Hotel and Country Club in Brunei. Impressive isn't it? What also made my stay here more interesting was meeting some of our Kababayans. It's true that almost everywhere in the world, there is a Filipino. You'll recognize the familiar friendly smiles, the polite gestures and sense of humour when having a conversation with them. Bruneians are as well good natured people, thoughtful and welcoming, so I had no trouble blending in. In fact, I met these group of teenage girls in The Empire Hotel while taking a dip one afternoon. Most of them were shy but that's not stopping them from being nice and all. Here's a shout out to you my dear @alexismhjpowers! See you again soon!

Dress | Dorothy Perkins

Who wouldn't feel like a Queen Bee in this place?
Watch out for my next blog post, still in Brunei!
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