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Friday, April 20, 2018


I saw Jericho Rosales inside Power Plant Mall and that’s the main highlight of my stay in Makati!! #FanGirl

I am currently staying in one of the big hotels here in Makati City for a month-long job training and I can't believe I just saw one of my idols in the flesh! I was in Power Plant Mall Rockwell the other day to buy a pair of shoes for our training, when a familiar figure casually walked past me and I looked up to find it was Echo. Yes, it's so real. My heart seemed to have skipped a beat. I was shookt! It was a slow-mo moment for me, I froze and I was speechless. I watched him reach the main entrance door without a word. I didn't have the guts to ask him for a photo, Jericho Rosales making my day was more than enough. 

Here's a compilation of some of the photos I took with my phone during my stay in Makati City:
s k y l i n e
when the going gets tough, one goes to jolli jeep for lunch

where people meet for the love of art

blood, sweat and tears for sale

you can buy a nice bed but not a good sleep

where jaywalking is almost legal

the red district never sleeps

feeling blue in corporate jail
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Miss Grey 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Inspired by my WHERE TO EAT IN DAGUPAN Blog Series, I bring you WHERE TO EAT IN CALASIAO! Dagupan City and the municipality of Calasiao has been Pangasinan's main food hub centers for years. So there's no doubt that more people are visiting these place each year to dine or to open a food business of their own. 

I've been invited by the owners through my Facebook page to visit their humble cafe located at San Miguel Rd, Calasiao. It's almost on the exact opposite side of Robinsons Place Pangasinan so it's easier to find. I like the vibe as I enter the cafe, for me, it looked like a bachelor pad with a feminine touch here and there. It's simple with an exposed concrete wall inside and bricked wall on the outside. 

I ordered beef lasagna and a coffee-based frappe on my first visit. Lasagna was good! I also love the fact that they have a window huge enough to give someone who loves taking a selfie a good natural lighting. They have a wide space for parking and may I say a small yet nice comfort room as well.

I recommend this cafe for everyone who wants to chill without hassle. It's relatively a small cafe but it's a worth a try. I also recommend their cakes and tuna pesto, I wasn't able to take a photo of those. If you want to see more from this cafe, just follow @javeritas on Instagram and Facebook!


Friday, January 6, 2017

Where To Eat In Dagupan City: Tramo Food Hub

Where to eat in Dagupan City?

Welcome to the Bangus Capital of the world! While there is no doubt about how good and fresh the bangus are here, one still tends to ask, ‘Where to eat in Dagupan?’ This city’s gastronomic tourism has improved over the years and innovation is the only way up! There are lots of local restaurants where you can find yourself salivating and wow-ing on food taste and presentation. But if you haven’t quite decided yet, I suggest you drop by the new Tramo Food Hub just in front of Pantranco bus terminal along M.H. Del Pilar Street, Dagupan City. 

Inspired by Baguio’s Ketchup Food Community, Tramo Food Hub offers wide variety of food and drinks to choose from. They have 16 food stalls in total, each serving up unique dishes. You can add twists but never the same dish, that’s number one rule!

Tramo from the word 'tram' - a rail vehicle. The location used to be one of the train stops of PNR (Philippine National Railway) back in 1970s.
For first time visitors, I personally suggest that you guys try Gino’s Sisig. For 79 pesos, you can have chicken / pork sisig, chicken inasal, lechon belly, and lechon manok – with two cups of rice each meal! Yep, sulit! And did I mention that you get to experience to eat using your hands? Filipino-Cebuano style!

I would also like to recommend J One’s best seller – Sinigang na Kalabaw! That’s sour soup with carabeef in English, ain’t it? Or nah? Haha! Anyway, you should try it for 200 pesos - good for sharing. J One also added a twist on the classic Pigar-pigar of Mangaldan and Dagupan. I am guessing they sprinkled a bit of cumin powder in it? Ahhh, must-try!

Early bird! Haha
Speaking of classics, Beats by Kuya Max offers bangus sisig and bistek max for 90 pesos each meal. Plus batchoy and lugaw (porridge)!

Kanto Boy is where you’ll find classic Filipino street foods: isaw, hotdog, pork barbeque, tenga ng baboy, kwek-kwek etc. at a price range of 8-30 pesos only!

If you’re seeking for new taste and healthier options, you won’t be disappointed with Opa! Greek Taverna. One of my absolute favorite from their menu is Chicken Souvlaki! Oh, I keep craving for it! Also try Roka Salad, see photo below.

Roka Salad by Opa! Greek Taverna
So from Greece, let’s go to Korea! Try Ajusshi Korean Shack‘s beef bulgogi, gimbap and kimchi! Annyeong-haseyo!!

The food industry is now crazy over salted eggs, so head on to Fryday’s food stall and order chicken wings with salted egg for the ultimate tasty treat!

Now aren’t you a little thirsty? Let The Hungry Panda conquer your thirst like how it conquered Tramo Food Hub. Almost everyone is lining up for its freshly-squeezed lemonade and mixed berry yogurt smoothie! But wait there’s more, The Hungry Panda offers fruit shakes, mixed fruit lemonades and fruit cups. Plus the Vietnamese sandwich Bahn Mi and Pizza bread! Watch my The Hungry Panda vlog here :) 

The best lemonade in the city from The Hungry Panda
For manginginoms like me (haha) who likes to chill at Tramo Food Hub and listen to live acoustic music, Sides Grill and Raw Bar offers ice-cold local and imported beers! Last Christmas I was kinda sad because I miss my family and friends back in Singapore, so to cheer me up a bit I ordered Tiger Beer. It’s like Singapore’s national beer, so yeah, it kept me sane for a while. Anyway! Other alcoholic drinks available there include Asahi Beer, Evan Williams Bourbon, Brew Kettle Beer, Jack Daniels, and many more. Cheers! 

The other Sides haha! Imported beers available here
To get updates and see more photos, head on to Tramo Food Hub’s Facebook page now! P.S. to other stalls I’ve not mentioned in this post, it only means I haven’t tried your food yet haha! Will update this na lang when I get to try yours na so don’t worry.

Tramo Food Hub is open every day from 3PM-11PM! I heard they’re plannning to open from nine in the morning na SOOOOOOON! 

So guys.. thanks for reading, my Tramo Vlog will be up on my Youtube Channel next month!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grey Travels The World - Singapore

Sharing with you guys today my first post on Grey Travels The World featuring my favorite hang out places in the metro. And if you've been following me on Instagram (@lvlygrey), I've said in one one of my posts that I would rather walk down the underpass than cross the pedestrians at Clarke Quay. And the reason why, aside from it is obviously safer duh?! Simple. Because it is where two of my favorite things in life meet: Music + Art. I even had the privilege to sing my favorite Nirvana songs with one of the enthusiastic musicians down there. It was a pretty cool experience for me, Kurt Cobain must have been so proud.

Watch this short clip I took from my trip.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Travel Diary: Bali Indonesia

Last summer, we went to one of the world's most desirable island destinations- Bali, Indonesia! We were transported to Bali Hyatt Hotel, a 5-star resort hotel in Sanur, by a taxi from Denpasar International Airport. There were no traffic jams since we arrived late at night. The hotel staff placed Frangipani necklaces on us to signify a genuine welcome. As soon as I entered my room, I tossed my bags and headed straight to the balcony, hoping for a magnificent view of the beach! My excitement took over and I was dumbfounded when the only visible things were the palm trees and the well trimmed flower gardens. What was I thinking? It's already midnight! I tried to order some food from one of the hotel restaurants and they were so considerate to prepare Nasi Lemak for their famished guest. Soon enough I had my beauty rest and got ready for the awaiting adventure ahead.

Sacred Monkey Forest. Our first stop was in Ubud, Bali. As we enter the place, an elderly woman welcomed us, she was wearing a torso wrap made of Batik cloth. Batik Kebaya is their national costume. She then warned us not to bring food and asked us to look after our belongings while exploring the forest, for the monkeys can get a little naughty and might steal small objects from the visitors. Each group of tourists has an assigned guide, for us, it's the same elderly woman at the entrance. To make the tour more engaging, it is almost necessary to buy small packs of peanuts from a small store to attract and feed the tribe of monkeys roaming around.  I was a little freaked out when all of a sudden a monkey of a medium size climbed up my shoulder. He immediately jumped off of me when our tour guide waved a wooden stick. As soon as I calmed down, I started holding out peanuts to the little monkeys. I sat down a wooden shed for a photo op when one of the heaviest macaques around found me. I was busy posing for the camera and didn't notice that I was down to my last few pieces of peanuts. The monkey finished them all, so I was startled when he bit my arm! I think he was upset about not having enough peanuts to eat. The cut was not too deep yet it still bled enough for me to panic. I later found out it was one of the four monkey kings who bit me, apparently, a small offering wouldn't qualify me as queen, or so I thought. Haha! I immediately asked for a first aid kit. The tour guide told me there's nothing to worry about, she said every monkey had been properly vaccinated and consistently checked by a local group of veterinarians to make sure they don't spread infectious diseases when they come in contact with people. The tour finally ended with more photos of me climbing up a low tree branch, feeding a bat, and wearing a Balinese headdress. I did get a first aid after all... and a scar from a monkey king as souvenir! 

The Balinese Hindu Temples. Our next stop was in the Royal Temple of Mengwi also called as Pura Taman Ayun, one of the most important temples in Bali built in 1634 by a King of the Mengwi dynasty. It is a kind of Pura Tirta or 'water temple.' It is surrounded with ponds and flower garden. The place looked peaceful and silent, hence, the flock of tourists moving around. Pura Taman Ayun has a kind of split gate they call Candi bentar. Before I entered, I noticed a sign that says 'Women during their menstrual cycle are not allowed inside the temple.' I asked our driver, named Surya, why. He said it is one of their temple rules, women on their period were considered impure so they aren't allowed to enter. It applies even to us non-Hindus, we shall follow the rules to show respect to the people of Bali and their religion. Inside the temple were intricately decorated towers and their details were amazing. There were also open air place of worship within enclosed walls. We walked around the area on a special pathway made for visitors. These temples were a part of history, well-preserved by the Balinese people through time. You might want to do a research and read articles before visiting these temples.  

Mount Batur Hot Spring. While I weren't able to experience sunrise trekking, I have had lunch with a view and was able to relax in a natural hot spring in Mount Batur. The restaurants in Kintamani didn't only offer delicious Indonesian delicacies and Kopi Luwak, but also spectacular views of mountain scenery. Everything just felt perfect and peaceful here. You can really appreciate the beauty of nature. It's almost indescribable, you gotta see it to believe it! Meanwhile, the drive to Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring was worth the wait, and not totally boring since I was able to see green rice terraces and picturesque scenes in a fishing village on the way. My experience in Toya Devasya was divine. I stayed there the whole afternoon taking in the wonderful scenic Mount and Lake Batur views, drinking watermelon juice by the pool, and having the time of my life. I even met the owners, they were pleasant to talk to and very accommodating. It was a perfect day and it was all still vivid on my mind!
Dinner by the beach. The perfect place to have dinner by the beach is in Jimbaran, Bali. When I got there, it was a bit crowded but there will always be a table available for you. The energy of the people around me was ecstatic. There were about forty to fifty seafood restaurants lined up, many to choose from so I thought. What's more exciting is that, the tables were set on the sand, out in the open, and next to the sea! I had to place my shoes aside and walk around barefoot. We had fresh seafood, Nasi Lemak, and sliced fruits for dessert. The atmosphere was perfect, it was romantic... if only I were with someone special. Haha! I could hear the soothing sound of the waves and actually saw aircraft from a distance, landing one by one on the airport's runway. We were also entertained by Balinese dancers performing on stage in their costumes and traditional Balinese music. I heard they start to perform by 8pm to 9pm only, so be there early to get the most out of this experience!

Finally, the beach! Most of my days in Bali were really spent lounging by the waters, reading a book on a beach chair under a palm tree, taking a nap, eating fruity tutti or drinking watermelon juice, trail biking, taking pictures, swimming, and instagramming (in my bikini) all at the same time. Well at least I finally found what I am best at... being lazy! Haha! Kidding aside, it was truly a fun-filled trip. Not everyone is granted an entire day of rest and pure relaxation, but I had a whole week of that so I ain't anything but thankful!!! Bali is truly paradise on earth, no wonder that tourists from around the world visit there on vacation, on their honeymoon, or on any other special occasions. In fact, I met two ladies from Japan, a couple from France, and two big families with their adorable kids from Perth. Most of the people staying at the same hotel as ours were from Europe, so it almost felt good knowing I have had quite a head start when it comes to working on my tan. Haha! At night, we also got to stay for a drink or two in the open bar and enjoy bossa nova music from a live band. But time flies and I had to say goodbye to this beautiful island. I walked down the beach for an hour thanking it, and contemplating on somewhat the happiest days of my life so far. I miss Bali. I love Bali. I will always go back to Bali, but next time I'll make sure I'll bring with me a DSLR Camera, more pairs of bikini, more sunscreen lotion, and hopefully the man of my dreams! Hahaha! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.