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Friday, April 20, 2018


I saw Jericho Rosales inside Power Plant Mall and that’s the main highlight of my stay in Makati!! #FanGirl

I am currently staying in one of the big hotels here in Makati City for a month-long job training and I can't believe I just saw one of my idols in the flesh! I was in Power Plant Mall Rockwell the other day to buy a pair of shoes for our training, when a familiar figure casually walked past me and I looked up to find it was Echo. Yes, it's so real. My heart seemed to have skipped a beat. I was shookt! It was a slow-mo moment for me, I froze and I was speechless. I watched him reach the main entrance door without a word. I didn't have the guts to ask him for a photo, Jericho Rosales making my day was more than enough. 

Here's a compilation of some of the photos I took with my phone during my stay in Makati City:
s k y l i n e
when the going gets tough, one goes to jolli jeep for lunch

where people meet for the love of art

blood, sweat and tears for sale

you can buy a nice bed but not a good sleep

where jaywalking is almost legal

the red district never sleeps

feeling blue in corporate jail
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Miss Grey 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Inspired by my WHERE TO EAT IN DAGUPAN Blog Series, I bring you WHERE TO EAT IN CALASIAO! Dagupan City and the municipality of Calasiao has been Pangasinan's main food hub centers for years. So there's no doubt that more people are visiting these place each year to dine or to open a food business of their own. 

I've been invited by the owners through my Facebook page to visit their humble cafe located at San Miguel Rd, Calasiao. It's almost on the exact opposite side of Robinsons Place Pangasinan so it's easier to find. I like the vibe as I enter the cafe, for me, it looked like a bachelor pad with a feminine touch here and there. It's simple with an exposed concrete wall inside and bricked wall on the outside. 

I ordered beef lasagna and a coffee-based frappe on my first visit. Lasagna was good! I also love the fact that they have a window huge enough to give someone who loves taking a selfie a good natural lighting. They have a wide space for parking and may I say a small yet nice comfort room as well.

I recommend this cafe for everyone who wants to chill without hassle. It's relatively a small cafe but it's a worth a try. I also recommend their cakes and tuna pesto, I wasn't able to take a photo of those. If you want to see more from this cafe, just follow @javeritas on Instagram and Facebook!


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Summer in October??

Summer is everyone's favourite season, even in the Philippines where it is sunny almost all year round. We especially reserve that 'summer vibe' for the months of March, April and May. And our main activities? Food trips and going to the beach with family and friends. 

Now we don't have to wait for those months to come, because there's a new cafe in town that will give you a taste of summer even in the month of October. By The Beach Cafe is located on the shore of Nibalew beach in San Fabian, Pangasinan and the nearest land mark is the Coast Guard Sub-station. 

Summer vibes
Water Bikes and Teepees
Blue Lemonade
On top of the beautiful location, By The Beach San Fabian Cafe offers affordable rice meals, snacks and drinks. Here's a menu guide for you under their 'Comfort Food' category:
3 Cheese Pizza - Php90

Pica-pica Sampler - Php200
Salsa & Cheese-Jalapeno Nachos -Php120
Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings - Php175
Chicken Fingers - Php150
Sausage & Chips - Php80
Potato Fritters - Php150
Beefy Dynamites - Php120

Summertime madness
 'Charred Favorites'
Grilled Liempo - Php150
Pork Barbeque - Php150
Chicken Teriyaki - Php150
'All-Day Breakfast'
Bacon, Egg, Rice - Php120
Pork Tocino, Egg, Rice - Php120
Pork Longanisa, Egg, Rice - Php120

Perfect for friends and family
Cuba Libre - Php100
Vodka Lime - Php100
Bubbly Daiquiri - Php100
Whiskey Ginger - Php100
SMB Pale Pilsen - Php75
SMB Light - Php75

Beach + Sunset = Love
 BTB San Fabian Cafe is open Tuesdays-Sundays from 5PM to 11PM. Make sure to bring a camera and charge your phone batteries for photo ops! Watch out for By The Beach Cafe's new offerings and take part in their Halloween Masquerade Party on October 28, 2017, Saturday at 8PM! Don't forget to wear your local spooky mask or head dress to get a chance to win a prize. 

That's all for now folks! So check out my Youtube channel, I also made a short vlog last month. Watch here: 


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Canadian Visa Requirements for Filipino Tourists

Visiting Canada soon? Before booking your flight tickets, make sure you get your Canadian Tourist Visa approved first. Pass your visa application at least one month before your desired travel date. Here's the list of requirements for Canadian Visa Application for Filipino Tourist. Take down notes!

General Requirements
  1. Original Passport with 6 months validity prior to departure
  2. Photo Copy of the Passport's Bio Page
  3. 2pcs white background colored picture 4.5cm x 3.5cm
  4. Accomplished Canada Visa Application(Computerized)
  5. Family Information Form(Hand Written)
  6. Representative Form(Hand Written)
  7. Application Checklist(Signatory at the bottom of the last page)
  8. Consent Form(Hand Written)
  9. Document Checklist for a Temporary Resident Visa(Signatory at the bottom of the last page)
  10. Original or Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return)or Form 2316
  11. Latest Personal Bank Certificate(Ideal is P300k)
  12. Original or Photo Copy of Latest 3 months Bank Statement(Ideal is P200k average daily balance)
  13. Latest PSA Birth Certificate(not more than 1 year after issuance)
  14. PSA Marriage Certificate(If Applicable)(not more than 1 year after issuance)
  15. Authorization form for claiming passport/s upon release with photocopy of 1 valid ID
  16. Photocopy of previous and valid advanced country visa for frequent travelers( USA, CANADA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, KOREA )

If currently employed, please provide the following
  1. Certificate of Employment (must include applicant's position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number,HR e-mail address)
  2. Photocopy of Company ID

If businessman, please provide the following
  1. Photo Copy of DTI / SEC Permit
  2. Photo Copy of Mayor's Permit
  3. Photo Copy of Business Permit

If currently studying, please provide the following
  1. School Certificate
  2. Photocopy of School ID

For more information on visa application and for visa assistance, contact JUST LOVE PH TRAVEL! Send your inquiry to or visit their Facebook page. 
Hope this post helps, safe travels!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where to eat in Baguio City: Ketchup Food Community

I will be honest guys, when we were in Baguio, all I could think was "where to eat now?" and "where to eat next?"I was already thinking of a few good restaurants and fast food chains inside SM Baguio. Lame, I know. Haha! Let's say I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to trying out new food, unless it's free then it's okay, because I wouldn't have to risk spending a single penny on a food I may not like. (Kuripot logic! Haha) But I would gladly take note of any highly-recommended places and cuisines, like what we have here. If it weren't for Ate Mica of, I would have probably dined in at Jollibee or Mcdonald's, it's a no-brainer. But since she's been talking about this amazing baby back ribs she had back in 2012 here in Baguio, I was more than willing to try it myself. So, off we went to the low-key yet famous Ketchup Food Community.

Free taste! That's what I'm talking about.

We has laksa for starters.
We've figured any time is a good time to dine in here, but, so as everyone else. That's why even though we were there to have lunch at 2PM, finding a table for two still proves to be a challenge.
TIP: You can cross order from other restaurants just like what we did. We ordered laksa, perfect for the cold weather, then cross ordered from Canto Restaurant.

You have other food options here.
Hi Ate Mica!
Baby back ribs from Canto - AMAZEBALLS!!
 Let me start off by pointing out how superb the salad from this meal was. It's not your ordinary side, like, I would order this solo salad meal any time. I say, any time! Because where else can you find salad with peanut brittle in it?! I KNOWWWWWW.  
TIP: Nutritionists advice eating your fruits and vegetables first before the rest of the meal. The benefits include ease in digestion and feeling full early, helping you to refrain from overeating.

Okay back to this melt-in-your-mouth baby back ribs! The overall taste and tenderness of the meat depends on which part of the pork it came from. I know that in this case it's obviously the ribs, duh?! But still, based on experience, there's the mas maganda, mas masarap na part. To help make your life easier, it doesn't hurt to just remind them to give you the tenderest and the yummiest part na lang. Oh ayan, okay na? Haha!

Ketchup Food Community where you'll find Canto Restaurant
Let the hunger games begin haha
It was a very satisfying meal! We were so full and decided to skip dinner after. So yep! When in Baguio, check out Ketchup Food Community.. pwede niyo rin kami ayain, chos!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baguio City Day 1: Inn Rocio & La Parilla

I can't remember the last time I went to Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. I've always been afraid to take the bus to Baguio. So if you ask me to join you and you don't have a private car and I know you're not a good driver, I wouldn't take the risk. Haha! But this time it's different, because I'm actually on a trip with a legit travel blogger. Everyone meet one of my closest friends, one of the women I look up to, my Ate Mica of All we needed was a legit reason to be in Baguio (Hi Mom! Hi Sam!), the rest of our stay is history. Haha!

Senyorita and Miss Grey
Pumo-photography haha
 So on our first day in Baguio, we stayed at Inn Rocio. It is located at Kisad Road and a walking distance to Spade Bar, we realized this on our way to the next hotel na we stayed at. Haha, sayang! So after our agenda that day, we went to sleep muna and then had dinner at Inn Rocio's restaurant - La Parilla. 

In fairness, the outdoor seats are romantic to look at, it's like one of those places where you'd want to propose to your girlfriend. But we were confused on our way there, we didn't know which step/path to take and almost crashed a couple's supposed intimate dinner. Haha! We opted to dine inside the restaurant since we were from a more humid city and it's just been declared that Baguio hit it's lowest temperature in years. It's 10 degrees celsius lang naman when we were there. I had two sweaters on plus scarf, layering at its best, because the only cold thing I can handle is an ice-cold beer. Haha! 

"Make it look like a candid shot"
We ordered two of La Parilla's bestsellers: Lomi Bagnet (Php90) and Binagoongan Bagnet (Php145)

We were so full and after a few, we decided to just go back to our room to get our laptops and stay in the lobby for the rest of the night. That didn't go as planned though because - brownout! YES!! It was my worst nightmare, okay nag-iinarte, but still -the horror of no WIFI connection! I was so into the mood for writing pa naman, chos! Truth is, I was such a scared-y cat. The moment it went dark, I let out a shriek and kept on saying "Oh my God, Oh my God Ate, Ate Mica!" Hahaha. I know, annoying! 

We looked outside and half of Baguio was in total darkness. We waited for a few minutes but the electricity was still down. I took it upon myself to update my social media status and let people know it's odd na walang ilaw sa Baguio, since I have cellular data pa naman. I planned to take a photo of the lobby so I opened grabbed my phone. I went nuts when I saw a face! Took me a moment to realize it was my front camera that I opened instead.. and I was looking at my hideous face. Hahaha! Ate Mica and I had a good laugh after.

Inn Rocio Lobby & Breakfast Area 
After two excruciating hours of waiting, the electricity was back on. We were sleepy anyway, so we just spent a few minutes online while Rihanna's newly released album was playing on Ate Mica's laptop, and slept soundly.

Inn Rocio Front Desk
Inn Rocio's still cheaper than hotels but I do not wish to experience the same thing. Although I really appreciate Kuya guard-on-duty for bringing me four candles to light up our room while brownout, I strongly suggest the management to put emergency lights in each room.

My stay there was still by far the most exciting during our Baguio trip. It may not be so, for ghost-hunters-wanna-be or those who's purpose of going to Baguio was to seek pleasure in uncovering paranormal activities. But hey, kanya-kanyang trip to! Haha!
 Part two will be posted soonest. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grey Travels The World - Singapore

Sharing with you guys today my first post on Grey Travels The World featuring my favorite hang out places in the metro. And if you've been following me on Instagram (@lvlygrey), I've said in one one of my posts that I would rather walk down the underpass than cross the pedestrians at Clarke Quay. And the reason why, aside from it is obviously safer duh?! Simple. Because it is where two of my favorite things in life meet: Music + Art. I even had the privilege to sing my favorite Nirvana songs with one of the enthusiastic musicians down there. It was a pretty cool experience for me, Kurt Cobain must have been so proud.

Watch this short clip I took from my trip.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Days Are Coming

I've spent the day bumming around Esplanade and the Merlion, and took a lot of obligatory tourist photos with a high school friend. There was this man in his 50s whom I surprisingly discovered to be one of, let's say, the 'street performers' there. So we saw him in a complete Viking costume roaming around and attracting tourists, especially the children, to take photos with him. It was cute alright and he was getting paid for that, not bad! And then we went on to grab a drink at Sauce Bar where my cousin is working as a part-time bartender, he said that he also saw the old man wearing a chicken suit the other day. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo with him myself, the man's obviously in demand. So the three of us had a little chit chat and took more photos afterwards, I'm glad I wore my favorite top that night. It was such a beautiful day, one of those carefree days where you feel like little kids again.

I know I have been in a long hiatus but here I am again!
I hope you continue to support my blog. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yeng At LNU: Best Night Ever!

Yeng Constantino had a concert in Dagupan City and it was AWESOME
Last Thursday, March 20, 2014, the Philippines' very own Pop-rock Princess Josephine "Yeng" Constantino rocked the school grounds of the Lyceum-Northwestern University in celebration of their 45th Foundation and Student's Night. It was a year-end treat by the school administration to all Lyceans for their hard work after their long final exams.

For those who have missed the event, here are the 10 best #YengAtLNU moments:

10. Yeng covered Katy Perry's song Roar.
As the concert was about to start, I wandered off at the back to look for my colleagues and friends from the media. I was unable to spot any of them, so I figured they already have found their places around the LNU football field, where Yeng's concert had taken place, to cover the event. I decided to join the crowd and post tweets on my way. Suddenly, I was taken aback by Yeng's electrifying voice and the crowd's roar! With my 2-inch heels on, I jumped out of my excitement and found myself ten feet away from the stage, cheering with everyone else. It was the perfect opening number! The positive energy that clouded us was overwhelming! 

9. When the crowd sang 'Hinahanap-hanap Kita' with Yeng.
No 90's kid nor OPM fan wouldn't know this single from Rivermaya's 1997 album Atomic Bomb. It received heavy airplay from radio stations ever since, so no wonder that even our pop-rock princess chose to sing it during her concert here in Pangasinan. The Lyceans gladly sang along, keeping the good vibes!

8. When Yeng said: "I'll make this your BEST NIGHT EVER!"
You can just imagine how the crowd responded with that! One thing that I loved the most about Yeng is her sincerity, and THAT shone like rays of sun during her performance. Hashtag #BestNightEver was even mentioned a hundred times by students in their Instagram posts and Tweets, together with hashtag #YengAtLNU. I even heard a student say, "Best night ever talaga! Last year na natin ito sa school, buti na lang si Yeng ang nag-concert!"

7. Yeng connects with her audience.
"If you're in a relationship, raise your hands!" Yeng told the crowd and there was a loud cheer. "If you're single, raise your hands!" she continued, followed by singing Just Give Me A Reason by Pink. Again, the audience, including me, sang along. This part will always be my favorite because it is when Yeng tried to establish a connection with her audience by asking questions and telling stories. The more we feel connected, the more we remember and the more we appreciate her. It only shows how good an artist and a person she really is.

6. When Yeng gave a love advice everyone will never forget.
Before singing her song entitled Pag-ibig, Yeng gave a love advice everyone will never forget. Even the night after, I've seen Facebook statuses and Tweets quoting what she said during her concert in Dagupan. "Kapag ang lalaki hindi nage-effort, hindi love yan." The crowd goes "awww," then Yeng continued "Kapag ang babae hindi ka nirerespeto, hindi love yan." I'm sure everyone has learned a lesson or two about love. Thank you Yeng!
5. Yeng's got the moves!
It was a few years ago when Yeng first covered an original Eraserheads song entitled 'Magasin.' It was already a pretty popular song from the 90's, but Yeng's rendition of it caught both the media and the fans' attention. Aside from it being a girl version, Yeng and her band did a little tweaking on its musical composition by giving it an acoustic and reggae touch. Before singing its chorus, Yeng asked "Gusto nyo bang makita ang dance moves ko?" The crowd cheered. Even I was surprised she could dance, but she can and so she did! 

4. "You are all special.." -Yeng
Yeng Constantino continued to win our hearts when she sang an original Radiohead song entitled Creep. "When I was in high school, I've tried hard to fit in. But I can't, so I've stopped. I've realized we are all special." Then she added, "You are all special! You are unique! You are awesome! You are meant to be here tonight!!" I looked around me and I can't help but smile, feeling encouraged. I refrained from live tweeting and listened to her. There's so much feels in this song that I thought-- it deserved an epic "lighter moment!"

3. The special audio-visual presentation the Lyceans prepared for Yeng.
In the audio-visual presentation were students of Lyceum-Northwestern University singing Yeng's latest hit song 'Chinito.' It was evident in their faces that they had fun shooting it. They later on congratulated Yeng on her engagement to boyfriend Yan Asuncion and wished them good luck. Atty. Duque, the University President, went up the stage to personally thank Yeng Constantino and the people involved for the successful event. "Mula sa hardin ng aking puso,maraming salamat!" Atty. Duque continued to say. Yeng in response to that said "Aww, this is the sweetest campus ever!! Mula sa gubat ng aking puso, maraming salamat din po sa inyong lahat!"

2. Yeng greets LNU through Instagram video.
It was indeed a fun-filled night and we also received a special souvenir from Yeng! Yeng Constantino recorded a 15-second instavideo and posted it on her Instagram account In the video Yeng said, "Hey everyone! Andito ako sa Lyceum, sa Dagupan, Pangasinan. At eto sila!!" She then turned her smartphone camera to the cheering crowd. The video had been regrammed and reposted in Facebook a hundred times. What can we say? WE LOVE YOU YENG!

1. The 'Chinito' song number.
But of course the main highlight of the night was when Yeng sang her latest hit single 'Chinito!' Aside from the fact that it was the crowd favorite, two lucky 'chinitos' were invited to come up the stage. Not only that they had a chance to dance with Yeng, they also got a hug and a peck on the cheek from her! Another reason to love Yeng! She is down to earth, very professional, and have I mentioned how cool she is?! AWESOME!!

If you want to see more photos and videos from Yeng's concert, do drop by these Facebook pages: Lyceum-Northwestern University and What's Up Dagupan.
I would like to thank Lyceum-Northwestern University and the people behind its success, especially to Ms. Pebbles Duque, for inviting me and for making The Style Fondue your official blog partner in this event. I would also like to thank Ms. Micaela Rodriguez of, Mr. Simon Vistro of What's Up Dagupan, Mikkles Fernandez of Pixelhub Creative and Mr. Jefferson Samson! Also, to Ms. Yeng Constantino for being nice and friendly during the press interview! I even managed to sneaked in a selfie with her! Hurrah!

Feel free to leave a comment or write your best #YengAtLNU moment.