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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why you need to own a blazer asap

This topic has been written all over a number of magazine editorials and fashion websites. Still, we tend to sometimes overlook at some high points of why adding a blazer in our wardrobe is essential. I am no professional fashion guru, but these things are based from what I've proven so far. So here are some reminders.

Topping your regular outfit with a blazer can amp up your look.
That is right! Just look at me in this photo looking so rad, posing in front of a Louis Vuitton shop. I seem to look like a legit LV shopper. Lol!

Blazers are versatile.
You can dress it up or down! Wear it at work with a decent blouse and pair it with pencil skirt or slacks. Or go for a more casual look by rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with skinny jeans.

Blazers work on every body type.
Yes ladies, it does! Blazers work magic, length and structure are the key! If you have square shoulders, choose a soft one in an eye-popping color. Wear a blazer that's not too long and not too short if you're petite. And if your problem is your muffin top, wear a structured blazer with details that takes focus off your middle.

Blazer | Forever 21  | Basic white tee | Cotton On |  Jeans | Forever 21 | Flats | Leaveland